Thank you for purchasing an Opro9 product.

These are a few things you should keep in mind when buying from  Shop.Opro9 online.

1. If you receive an item that is defective or damaged, or any accessories are missing, and you would like to request a replacement, please log on to your “My Account” page within 7 days after the shipment to request “Product Replacement”, and we will be able to process it for you as soon as possible.

2. You are entitled to a 7-day appreciation period (including holidays) after receiving your product, during which you can test and compare the product. Please keep the original packaging intact when returning or replacing a product (returning a product according to the return policy). Your rights as a purchaser are fully protected.

3. Things to take note of when returning a product: Any returned product must be in its original conditions, i.e. the original state of the product when you first received it (including the machine, attachments, internal and external packaging, accompanying documents, gifts, and freebies)

4. The following situations may affect your right to return your product:
*The same test sample has been included with the product, or you had been given an opportunity to listen to or try the product before you received the video CD or software.
* You damaged the packaging or removed the seal, tag, adhesive or label of the product when it does not interfere with your inspection of the product.
* You had been given an opportunity to inspect your product before you received it.
* Any other cause that goes beyond what is necessary for inspection or that is attributable to you, which results in any damage to, loss of or change in the product.

5. If you have received a paper invoice, please return it together with the product.

6. Please use the packaging carton used by the shipping vendor to pack the returned product. If the original carton is lost, please wrap the original packaging with another carton, and do not stick any paper or write any text directly on the original packaging. If the original packaging is damaged, you will not be able to return your product or a damage fee will be deducted from the refund.

7. After you have requested a product return or replacement, please ask for a receipt from the shipping personnel and retain it for future reference until the return or replacement is completed.