Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most common questions about Opro9 and our answers to them.

Air Purifier

A : Smart Air Purifier works by allowing dirty air to pass through the water screen produced by its internal high-speed motor, and bringing the dust from the air into the water. The machine does not contain any filter net or structure. As the product’s working principles are different from purifiers that use filter nets, the laboratory is unable to provide the equivalent CADR test data (PM2.5 related) based on the same testing standards.

We have SGS reports for our proprietary purification solution, such as on the removal of formaldehyde, ammonia, TVOCs and natural bacteria, which can be provided to you if needed.

A : The Smart Air Purifier is able to filter out dust, dander, etc. You can use it with our proprietary purification solution for antibacterial or deodorizing purposes or as air fragrance. It is suitable for homes with pets.

A : Hello, as the sensor used by each brand and its structural position are different, and the standards for product firmware settings can vary, different products may have a different sensitivity to PM2.5. Our product uses the PM2.5 sensor by Sharp, so you can rest assured about its quality. As for why the color of the light does not change, it could be because the PM2.5 density in the air is still below the level that triggers the light to change color, which means the air at your home is currently at a safe level. If you are concerned about product quality, you can test the product by shaking some clothes or a mat on the machine, breathing out some smoke or lighting some incense. If the light still does not change its color after the test, please contact us so that we can arrange for our engineers to resolve your product issue.

A : Hello, there are 2 sets of negative ion generators in our air purifiers, capable of releasing 16 million negative ions every second. A negative ion generator work by channeling negative high DC voltage to carbon fibers, which ionizes the air around the needle point into negative ions. The dust, pollen and smoke in the air then become charged (with static) and are more easily pulled to the ground. This is how air is purified using the dust depositing method, and you can remove secondhand smoke with the product. As a suggestion, you may also use the product with our proprietary purification solution. It contains lavender essence oil that adds lavender fragrance to the air.

A : Hello, our air purifier is designed to allow the user to tell the current air quality through the color of the light and does not feed the PM2.5 value back to the app, which is why you are seeing the preset PM2.5 value on the Apple Family App remains at 0 even after performing a check. We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience, as we were hoping to allow consumers to tell the current air quality intuitively by looking at the color of the light. We will be planning to include the function for feeding PM2.5 values back to the app in our next generation of products.

A : The Smart Air Purifier is manufactured in mainland China. Rest assured that CviLux Group is an MFi-certified manufacturer with strict quality control, and is not a general trade agent.

A : Hello, this is a normal occurrence (it is the crystallization of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate in tap water), and will not affect the machine. You can add citric acid or baking soda to the water in the tank, then let the machine run for one day before wiping it with a piece of damp cloth. The white powder should have been gone by now.

Smart Power Outlet

A : Connection issues can be solved in the following two ways:

1. We recommend that you install the “Home Hub”, the Home Hub can be Apple TV (4th generation and above), HomePod or an iPad with the latest iOS version. Installing the Home Hub will resolve most connection issues, and supports remote control and work scheduling. It is the recommended option.

2.  If you do not have Family Hub, here are a few things to be aware of for your network connection.
  1.) When pairing for the first time, the 2.4G band should be selected for the phone’s wireless network. The 5G band is not supported. For future connection settings, make sure the Wifi connected to your cell phone is the one paired before. This is because a cell phone tends to capture the Wifi with the best signal or mobile 3G or 4G networks, which can lead to connection disruptions.
2.) Please turn off any roaming function on your wireless base station.

If you have any other questions, you can call the Opro9 customer service line at 0800-880618 during office hours or email us at: Our customer service personnel will be able to assist you. Thank you for your suggestions.

A : Our latest launched version only supports Apple HomeKit, so you can only use an iPhone/iPad to access the built-in Family App or our Opro9 Home App, to control Opro9 smart products. We expect the cross-system version to be launched in the second half of the year.

Smart Diaper

A : We have considered this before, and that is why we use the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which is the medically accepted grade. It only releases electromagnetic waves of 0.02, which is almost 1% of those from a cell phone. Not only do we care about our products, we make every effort to ensure the well-being and safety of every baby. If you have any other questions, you can dial our Opro9 service line at 0800-880618. Our special customer service personnel will be able to assist you.

11 Port

A : The new iPad Pro does not support every feature, as listed below:

Supported features : video output / RJ45 network
Non-supported features : USB3.0 / card reader / USB-C charging / 3.5mm sound output

A : Hello, the product is made using self-cooling aluminum alloy material. The product can reach a certain operating temperature when in use, which is normal.

A : This may be related to some adapters currently sold on the market. It is possible that they can interfere with 2.4G Wifi segments as long as they are of the USB3.0 spec.

The reasons are as follows: 
USB3.0 has 4 data cables that form 2 sets, with each set responsible for transmitting in one direction, which achieves duplex bidirectional 5Ghz. The baseline frequency for each data cable is 2.5Ghz, so it can affect connections to 2.4G wireless networks or Bluetooth.

1. Use a 5Ghz Wifi segment (to avoid interference bands completely)
2. Connect directly to the RJ45 port using network cables (for fastest speed)
3. Place the 11 Ports adapter further away from the laptop Wifi module (to reduce interference)

A : Our product uses the simultaneous dual display (extended) output chip, which supports dual display with HDMI or VGA and Display Port. However, we have recently discovered that it conflicts with the graphics of Apple’s new 16” laptop (unable to support the display function of Macbook Pro 16”). Please take note and we apologize for any inconvenience.