Welcome to the Opro9 Privacy Policy!

At Opro9 we respect your personal privacy. We have set the following privacy policies to safeguard your personal data.

  1. The Application of this Policy:
     The collection, processing, utilization and protection of personal data involved in your use of the Opro9 Global Website.
  2. Collection and Acquisition of Personal Datallection and acquisition of personal information:
    1. In this Privacy Policy, “personal data” refers to personally identifiable data such as: Names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, and other information by which you can be contacted or identified.
    2. Opro9 may obtain your personal data during your use of CviCloud company websites to provide you with better services. Examples of services include: Employment, product orders, or to contact you.
    3. When you use the Opro9 website, Opro9 documents your browsing behavior using cookies to facilitate your optimal Opro9 user experience. It is not Opro9’s intention to infringe upon your privacy rights during your use of the Opro9 website. If you do not wish to leave any records on cookies, you can cancel or restrict the use of cookies by changing your browser’s settings. Refer to your browser’s instructions on how to create this settings.
  3. Use of Personal Data:
    1. The personal data collected by the CviCloud may be used for replying to telephone calls, sending emails, responding to orders or providing the services you need (including through third parties), and for improving user experience on the Opro9 website.
    2. CviCloud will never disclose, sell or provide your personal data to any relevant third party, unless it is required for cooperating with a legitimate investigation of a judicial authority or for cooperating with an investigation or use by a competent authority required by its duties, or if it is based on a good faith belief that the disclosure is required by law.
    3. Third-Party Services: They refer to Opro9 and its recognized general agents and distributors.
  4.  Maintenance or Deletion of Personal Data:
    If you have updated your personal data, you can notify Opro9 to ensure your personal data are correct, or if you would like Opro9 to stop using your personal data, you may also notify Opro9 to cease using and delete your personal data.
  5. Privacy Policy Update:
    Opro9 may update this Privacy Policy at any time and Opro9 reserves the right to update this policy without prior notice. We suggest you stay informed of any latest privacy policy changes when you visit the Opro9 website again.
  6. Contact Opro9:
    If you have any questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy or personal data, please feel free to contact Opro9 via email. Thank you very much.